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Product Description

                         China Manufacture Multi Rope Friction Mine Hoist Head Sheave

Item Introduction
 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. wheel system can transportation the whole beneath the premise of swimming round and fixed wheel adopts integral forged joint composition, wheel hub, wheel rim for solid metal supplies, spoke for the channel steel, right after welding the complete annealing procedure once more. 

Thinking about the substitution bearing maintenance convenient, leave substitute bearing take away area, information wheel system framework adopted eccentric structure. 

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. shaft making use of middle carbon alloy steel forging whole, adopting the construction of the cast joint pulley, equipped with PVC or nylon liner, shield the wire rope. 

Imported or domestic spherical roller bearings, also can install bearing temperature measuring element. 

In order to extend the support lifestyle of wire rope, rim within wedge liner with use-resisting, withstand voltage, making use of D660 (1571) or nylon liner. 

one) eccentric structure: on 1 facet of a winding wheel have changed bearing dismantling area, can not remove the pulley mechanism, only for bearing routine maintenance and substitution. 
two) symmetry structure: relative with 4 wheels on each sides of the 2 bearing seat is symmetrical, but require to exchange the bearing shell, only to remove the pulley mechanism. 
sheave pulley and the common malfunction and technological information wheel 

one) to the problem of outdated composition pulley sliding bearing to burn off tile should enhance lubrication way Since of the pulley is set up on the derrick, every day servicing inconvenience, need to add temperature CZPT system, so as to well timed upkeep to prevent the tile burning failure, or the authentic sliding bearing alternative into rolling bearing structure 

2) for previous structure pulley rope groove CZPT liner, can no lengthier incorporate padding on the first rope groove, want to adjust a gasketed pulley, adjacent assembly dimension can stay motionless, and installation 

3) for mountain transportation difficulties or have some difficulties in roadway transportation in underground mine, the pulley is (manual wheel) modify the structure into 2 or 4 and a 50 % of head sheave.


A movable pulley is a pulley where when you move a hefty item, the drum moves with it. There is no modify in the direction of the pressure you require to implement, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it really is. For case in point, if you’re hauling a weighty hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load feel a lot lighter, even even though you happen to be pulling in the same course.
In a compound pulley program, there is equally a movable pulley and a mounted pulley. This means that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also alter the route of the power. Although this type of configuration can shift hefty masses quite easily, it arrives at the price of requiring quite a little bit of movement to do the occupation.

China Standard China CZPT Multi Rope Friction Mine CZPT Head Sheave     near me shop