China Professional Sinotruk CZPT Heavy Duty Truck Tensioner Vg1246060009 with Great quality

Product Description

Sinotruk CZPT hefty obligation truck tensioner VG1246060009

Much more large obligation truck spare parts:

AZ1096571571 CBFx-2100HW-one  VG1246571571D+001 AZ9362310665
AZ1095040123 WG9725230041/one VG1246110571(VG1246110040) WG9770520073
VG1500040065 WG9719470037/1 VG1246030001  WG9770520034
KC1560030011/VG6150030011 VG157115713/one HWD412042000KC AZ97757174
VG1560030033/34 А-4740  А-С03002 VG1246040571 WG9970340081
VG150571046 WG9719820002 10PK1282 VG1246060082  АZ9770440001
VG150571125 CBTR-100F 6РК1423 VG1246060008 AZ9970430050
QL*AZ9725165710 VG1560130080 AZ9725161000 AZ9970440012
WG9725160390 19910043 0571   (R180-3414060-thirty ROSTAR) AZ156571567 WG977571075
AZ1092571002 199100430704 (R180-3414060-twenty ROSTAR) WG9725160300 AZ99757171
VG157110073 AZ9725525716-78 VG1246090005 AZ9770430050
VG1095080190 32314*3А VG12465718 AZ97757177
VG1560 0571 16 32311*2А VG1246080002 AZ9970440041
VG1500060050 AZ9100443300   VG12465716 AZ9970440042
VG1500060051 AZ9157100 WG977571150 WG9970032221
WG9725535711  WG9100520034/three  WG977571060  00267 WG9970033118
WG9719535710/7 AZ9731430050  VG1246060002 WG9970032226
VG2600060571 AZ 9725522175 VG1246060006  WG9970032228
8РК1055 ZQC1200  52JD WG972516571/1 AZ9970340003
8РК 1050 AZ9231420047 VG1246060005 WG9770520015
6РК 1571 AZ923132 0571 VG1246090002 WG9770525715
6РК 783 WG9725520072/nine WG9719190001+001 WG9770521255/1
6РК 794 WG9725520072-001 WG1246070031 AZ9761345713(04)
WG9725195712/three WG9725520072-002 VC1540080110 WG9770610070
VG61000070005 WG9100443050/1 VG1540 0571 1  PL420/1                WG9770520320/one
VG1560080012 WK962/seven AZ9231342068 WG9725245718 AZ9970325710
VG1540 0571 1  PL420/1                AZ9231342070 VG 12465716 WG997571118 
VG1095094002,  28V  70А AZ 9939311735 WG220928571  WG997571065
61500030009 52*136 26013314080 WG910571068 WG9970340113
6156571571 57*144    1903611080 VG1246060094 AZ9970320260
VG1560090001 AZ9625310625 VG157160003 34TOF-F24L
WG972516571/1 WG9100443003/ WG9731476837/one WG9725230041/2
AZ150571012 AZ9725525715  WG977571070/one WG1500139009/one
Е 072 R61540090003  AZ9981325715  5.45 WG9725530178 8098 957 111
WG220928571 AZ9981325715 WG9000360612  VG1242088004
VG109209571 WG9014310125 WG9000360611  / VG9000360612RL  CBJF-2100Y8HW-one
WG910571041 AZ91571066 WG9112340114 VG1246571571
VG1540080018 AZ91571067 WG9112340113  

In a compound pulley system, there is equally a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. This means that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also change the route of the power. Even though this kind of configuration can go heavy loads very effortlessly, it comes at the value of requiring fairly a little bit of motion to do the task.
Active Pulley: The “enter” pulley in a twin-pulley system. The shaft of this pulley is driven by something like a motor, a crank, or perhaps an additional pulley in more substantial techniques. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.

China Professional Sinotruk CZPT Heavy Duty Truck Tensioner Vg1246060009     with Great quality