China manufacturer Sinotruk CZPT 70 Tensioner Pulley for Sinotruk Engine Vg1246060002 with high quality

Product Description

Basic Details

Spot of Origin: ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
Model Title: SINOTRUK
Warranty: 12 Months, One particular Calendar year/twelve Months
Certification: CCC
Variety: tensioner pulley
Vehicle Model: sinotruk
sinotruk Truck Engine
Dimension: OEM Standed
OEM Standed OEM Standed
Part amount: VG1246060002
MOQ: one pcs
High quality: a hundred% Expert Check
Exporting Certificate: Kind E
Packing: Regular Deal
Payment Terms: T/T thirty% Deposit
Software: Large Responsibility Truck
Package deal: Netural Bundle
Source Potential: a hundred thousand Piece/Items for every Thirty day period
Port HangZhou port or named port
Specification 4kg

Packaging & Shipping and delivery
Packaging Particulars
one, CZPT box or plastic outdoors packing 
2, wood cases 
3, pallet 
four, nude packing

Lead Time :

Quantity(Items) one – one >1
Est. Time(times) three To be negotiated

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VG1500040065 WG9719470037/1 VG1246030001  WG9770520034
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VG150571046 WG9719820002 10PK1282 VG1246060082  АZ9770440001
VG150571125 CBTR-100F 6РК1423 VG1246060008 AZ9970430050
QL*AZ9725165710 VG1560130080 AZ9725161000 AZ9970440012
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VG1500060050 AZ9100443300   VG12465716 AZ9970440042
VG1500060051 AZ9157100 WG977571150 WG9970032221
WG9725535711  WG9100520034/3  WG977571060  00267 WG9970033118
WG9719535710/7 AZ9731430050  VG1246060002 WG9970032226
VG2600060571 AZ 9725522175 VG1246060006  WG9970032228
8РК1055 ZQC1200  52JD WG972516571/one AZ9970340003
8РК 1050 AZ9231420047 VG1246060005 WG9770520015
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WG9725195712/three WG9725520072-002 VC1540080110 WG9770610070
VG61000070005 WG9100443050/1 VG1540 0571 1  PL420/1                WG9770520320/one
VG1560080012 WK962/seven AZ9231342068 WG9725245718 AZ9970325710
VG1540 0571 1  PL420/1                AZ9231342070 VG 12465716 WG997571118 
VG1095094002,  28V  70А AZ 9939311735 WG220928571  WG997571065
61500030009 fifty two*136 26013314080 WG910571068 WG9970340113
6156571571 57*144    1903611080 VG1246060094 AZ9970320260
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WG972516571/1 WG9100443003/ WG9731476837/one WG9725230041/two
AZ150571012 AZ9725525715  WG977571070/one WG1500139009/1
Е 072 R61540090003  AZ9981325715  5.45 WG9725530178 8098 957 111
WG220928571 AZ9981325715 WG9000360612  VG1242088004
VG109209571 WG9014310125 WG9000360611  / VG9000360612RL  CBJF-2100Y8HW-1
WG910571041 AZ91571066 WG9112340114 VG1246571571
VG1540080018 AZ91571067 WG9112340113  


Loafer: A pushed wheel that does not transmit electrical power by means of a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are connected to other products, these kinds of as wheels or drives, by way of driveshafts.
Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley method. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by one thing like a motor, a crank, or possibly one more pulley in greater methods. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China manufacturer Sinotruk CZPT 70 Tensioner Pulley for Sinotruk Engine Vg1246060002     with high quality