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movable belt conveyor for truck loading


Belt Conveyor is a kind of conveying machine which transportation supplies from 1 location to one more location continuously. Belt conveyor device consist of conveyor body, conveyor belt, conveyor pulley, conveyor rollers, pressure gadgets, driving device and other factors and so forth. Belt conveyor technique can transport supplies in bulk and bagged, such as stone, sand, coal, concrete, cement, gravel, fertilizer, mineral ore, limestone, coke, sawdust, wood chip, bulk material, grain, corn flakes, carbon black, and many others.

Positive aspects and Characteristics
1. Conveyor length can be tailored in accordance to your require.
two. 0° – 30° inclination to suit the on-website conditions.
3. Belt width can be 500-2400mm as your call for. 
four. Lower horsepower in contrast with other varieties of conveyor
five. Belt conveyor cleaner is installed to thoroughly clean the conveyor belt.
six. Corridors are developed alongside the belt conveyor for inspection and servicing.
7. Conveyor rollers are created by our specific roller creation line, obtainable of types of roller to make sure clean conveyor system.
eight. Conveyor belt model is YOKOHAMA, large top quality and trustworthy.
nine. Motor manufacturer can be domestic or imported: Yutong, Shuangyu, ABB, Siemens, WEG etc
ten.Bearing brand name can be domestic or imported: C&U, LYC, HRB , WZS,  , NSK, CZPT and so on.

 Technical datas:

Roller kind Running velocity(m/s)                                 Belt width (mm)
500 650 800 one thousand 1200 1400
Trough roller .8 seventy eight one hundred thirty
one. 97 164 278 435 655 891
1.25 122 206 348 544 821 1115
1.six 156 264 445 696 1048 1427
2. 191 323 546 853 1284 1748
two.5 232 391 664 1033 1556 2118
three.15 824 1233 1858 2528
four. 2202 2996
Falt roller .8 41 67 118
1. 52 88 147 230 345 469
one.twenty five sixty six one hundred ten 184 288 432 588
1.6 84 142 236 368 558 753
2. 103 174 289 451 677 922
two.five a hundred twenty five 211 350 546 821 1117

Selection Conditions

♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Max. granule size of the feeding content: _____mm
♦Handling capacity (Ps. It implies the total ♦Percentage of Max. granule in material:_________%
content ability feeding from the inlet): _____t/h ♦Upstream tools (Ps. It indicates what kind of
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 tools is employed to feed the substance): _____
♦Material temperature: _____ºC ♦Downstream gear (Ps. It means what type of
♦water content material:____% tools is employed to discharge the substance): _____
♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Yes or No) ♦Center distance among the head and tail pulley:____m
♦Material is sticky or not: ____ (Ps. Of course or No) ♦The belt conveyor is inclined or not:____(Ps. Of course or No)
♦Working environment is indoor or out of doors If it is inclined,what is the inclined degree_____°(we will 
 or indoor and outside: ______________ enjoy if you can supply us the structure drawing.)
♦Working surroundings temperature: ______ ºC ♦Working electrical power offer: _____V ______HZ 

We largely supply the following equipments :

Vibrating Display screen Rotary vibrating monitor
Ultrasonic vibrating monitor
Gyratory display screen
Trommel display
Linear vibrating monitor
Round vibrating screen
Dewatering display
Vibrating feeder
Belt Conveyor Belt conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor
Transportable belt conveyor
Shuttle conveyor
Bucket Elevator Successful bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator
Ring chain bucket elevator
Plate chain bucket elevator
Cement bucket elevator
Silo bucket elevator
Screw Conveyor U-sort screw conveyor
Cement screw conveyor
Pipe screw conveyor
Scraper Conveyor Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
Incline scraper chain conveyor
Grain scraper chain conveyor


Mounted or Class 1 pulleys have a fixed shaft. That is, the shaft is “mounted” or anchored in location. A fastened pulley is a pressure used to adjust the course of the rope (referred to as a belt since it can make one particular flip). Set pulleys have mechanical benefits of mounted pulleys. Energetic pulleys or 2-phase pulleys have totally free shafts. That is, the axis can move “freely” in space. Transferring pulleys are utilized to convert forces. Active pulleys have the mechanical edge of two pulleys. That is, if one particular conclude of the rope is stationary, pulling the other finish of the rope will exert 2 times the drive on the object hooked up to the pulley. A composite pulley block is a blend of a fastened pulley block and a movable pulley block. Blocks – Blocks are composite pulleys in which numerous pulleys are mounted on each axle, even more incorporating to the mechanical advantage. Pulleys can adjust the direction of the pressure.
Fixed pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at 1 position. Even though the force required to elevate or go an item is no distinct than lifting it with your fingers, stationary pulleys enable you to change the path of the required force. For illustration, when attached to a bucket that draws h2o from a nicely, a stationary h2o puller makes it possible for you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a a lot more handy way than pulling it vertically, 1 hand at a time. The excess weight of the bucket is still the very same, but it is easier to raise.

China Good quality Movable Belt Conveyor for Truck Loading     wholesaler

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