Block Hea Cheap vy Duty Steel Sin near me shop gle Wheel Swivel Lifting Rope Pulley for Wire Rope

Product Description

Lifting single wheel pulley directional small pulley
&Double – wheel lifting pulley:

C30 Plastic Cable Trolley – CZPT Festoon Parts:

Detailed Product Description

Mobile CZPT ctrification Cable Trolleys For Festoon System, C Track Festoon System for CZPT , Galvanized Steel Conductor Rails With Brass Dowel, C Rail and Trolley, Stretched Wire Festoon System, Festoon Cable Trolley, Festoon Cable System.

Detailed Product Description

Festoon System can hold conductor cables and hoses (hydraulic and pneumatic applications) for delivering CZPT & control to mobile equipment in a safe, efficient and maintenance free method. 

The C-track system is one of the most versatile festooning techniques CZPT . It is an all-purpose system suited for either indoor or outdoor use under a broad range of operating conditions in a mild environment condition.



C-rail systems applications: crane manufacturing, hoist units, transport systems, special CZPT , stacking systems, conveyor system, etc. C-rails are CZPT in zinc-coated and stainless steel version  Special versions are CZPT for explosion-proof areas. 


Design features:

Compact arrangement, corrosion resistance and simple assembly are its essential features.  Easy for transportation and installation

To guarantee the normal operation of crane and avoid the personal casualty and mechanical damage, the safety device we
provide are not only the electric protective devices or alarm bell but also other
equipments as following:
1.Overload Limit Switch
2. CZPT Buffers
3.Electric Protective Devices
4.Emergency Stop System
5.Voltage Lower CZPT Function
6. Current Overload CZPT System
7. Rail CZPT ing
8.Lifting Height Limit Device.

Safety Devices for overhead bridge crane and Other Install CZPT Parts:
Photos of CZPT CZPT parts and Other Install CZPT Parts:

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(1)….Before–Sale Service :
01..Quality Control: Strictly Production Request base on signed contract ;
02..Delivery Time: Guarantee within contracted delivery time ;
03..Photos: Send photos to CZPT CZPT er after finish production and packing ;
04..Packing Details:Give complete packing size table to CZPT CZPT er;
05..Brand: Respect CZPT CZPT ers’ advice to use CZPT CZPT ers’ own brand & logo ;
06..Documents:Provide high efficiency service to post you all required CZPT s clearance documents by DHL or TNT .  

(2)….After–Sale Service :  
01..Reply : Fast reply all your questions on line or by email or by telephone ;
02..Quality Problems:Our factory is responsible for any problems if it is resulted by CZPT reasons (Such as give you free new parts to repair it  or give enough some compensation cost to you) ;
03..Safe Operating: Pls remind your CZPT ers to respect CZPT Operating Manual to operate CZPT machine rightly, to guarantee Safe when operate CZPT machine.